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Family Room
SETC’s Women+ in Theatre Committee and the Parent Artist Advocacy League are collaborating once again to bring attendees with children a quiet, tucked-away room designated for relaxation and re-connection during the convention. In addition, a Parent & Caregiver Resource Packet has been created to help you prepare for your visit to Louisville, Ky.  Wed./Thur./Fri. | 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM    Sat. | 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
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Thursday, February 27

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Ten-Minute Play Festival: Casting CC - LO 17/18Hollins Playwright's Lab Actors Theatre of Louisville Tour Actors Theatre of LouisvilleActors Theatre of Louisville Removing Barriers Through Authentic Communications CC - LO 11Ceci Dadisman Vectorworks Viewports: From Concept to Construction CC - LO 10/14Sabrina Hykes-Davis Directing Interest Meeting CC - LO 27Rick St. Peter Thinking Theatrically: Putting Your Own Twist on Classic Disney Stories CC - LO 12Disney Theatrical Group KCACTF Region 4 Revealed: Structure, Operations and Opportunities CC - LO 23Joel Williams Dream On! Educational Touring for College Recruiting CC - LO 03Paul Crook Act the Song With Movement CC - Ballroom ALynn University Boost Your Shakespeare Monologue in Just One Session! CC - LO 01Timothy Mooney Repertory Improv: Theatre Without Books! CC - Ballroom CJames Cronin • Ben Owens Transformation Into Fierceness CC - Ballroom BAnthony Alterio Working With Michael Chekhov's Artistic Frames CC - LO 09/05Lionel Walsh Collaborating With Disabled and Neurodiverse Artists CC - LO 19/15Brandon Bruce • Andrew Brown How to Create Professional Blocking Books for Early-Career Stage Managers CC - LO 13Jeffery Cochran Don't Go Broke: Budgeting and Financial Planning for Artists CC - LO 06Stephanie Slusser Healthy Tips for Managing Stress CC - LO 08Kathryn Rohe Interdisciplinary Studies: Opportunities for Costume Collaboration CC - LO 16Kelly James-Penot • Kristen Miller Zohn Key Plays: Life Changers CC - LO 02Steven Burch • Michael Howley • Kim Miller • John Nara Keynote Emerging Artists of Promise Meeting I LO 21/22Donald Fann Beyond Tracy Turnblad: Fat Women in Theatre Discussion CC - LO 20Claire Wilcher Theatre for Youth Festival Performance: The Odyssey CC - Ballroom D-E Musical Theatre Coaching Sessions CC - LO 30

9:30am EST

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10:30am EST

Endowment/Development Committee Meeting CC - LO 23Amanda Nelson Thinking Beyond "The Model Is Broken": New Theatre Organizational Structures CC - LO 08Preston Lane • Katie O'Kelly Podcasting: Extending the Conversation CC - LO 16Padraic Lillis Design South: Costume Technology and Properties CC - LO 12Logan Reagan Sound Design for Musicals CC - LO 11Nicholas Drashner Portfolio Creation for Theatrical Designers and Technicians CC - LO 17/18Dale Pickard Sketching, Rendering and Model Making for the Theatre CC - LO 10/14J. Theresa Bush (she/they) • Eric Abele • Lauren Roark • Jessica Gaffney • Christopher Pickart • Brian Scruggs • Isaac Ramsey Auteur/Director/Designer Collaboration: Edinburgh Fringe Case Study CC - LO 07Kelley Schoger • Matt Reynolds What Rules You? A Director's Rules for Success CC - LO 27Paul Crook Laban and Chekhov: Shape and Psychological Gesture CC - Ballroom CJennifer Mizenko Sing Out, Louise! Singing and the Alexander Technique CC - Ballroom ALaura Matthews Exposition and Its Discontents: How to Write Exposition for Plays CC - LO 06Andrew Pederson Basics of Stage Management: What Beginners Need to Know CC - LO 13Julie A. Richardson • Russell Luke Activism Beyond Gender: A Non-Binary Framework for "Women's Theatre" CC - LO 20Jeni Benavides • Vanessa Becker Weig • Margaret McGladrey • Ellie Clark Carpe Diem! Start With Yourself! CC - LO 19/15Holly Kapusinski The Laws You Need to Know CC - LO 02Daniel Ellison Theatre for Youth Festival Performance: "Huck Finn" CC - Ballroom D-E A Theatre for All: Creating Equity for Disabled Theatremakers (Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Special Series) CC - M 112Christine Bruno • Zachary Meicher-Buzzi • Talleri McRae Dance Prep: Preparation, Presentation & Career Planning CC - M 111Stephanie Swant Theatre Job Fair CC - Exhibit HallConstance Smith • April J'C Marshall

11:00am EST

12:00pm EST

Secondary School Theatre Festival - "The Exile and the Onion Girl" Bomhard Theatre (Kentucky Center of the Arts) Past Presidents Committee Meeting CC - LO 23Jack Benjamin Scholarship Procedures Committee Meeting CC - LO 24Dean Slusser Organization Restructuring for Growing Organizations CC - LO 13Robert Thomas Costume Design Through Digital Rendering CC - LO 02Eric Abele Design South: Projections CC - LO 12Joseph Payne High Volume: Introduction to Achieving Voluminous Historic Hairstyles CC - LO 10/14Jeremy Bernardoni From College Student to Working Adult: Tips for Transitioning CC - LO 16Kathryn Rohe Looking for Normal: Stagecraft Practices at Small Colleges and Universities CC - LO 06Heather Sinclair Storytelling in a Transitioning World: Diversifying Academia CC - LO 01Pamela Sears • Anna Filippo What Is Intimacy Direction? Intimate Insights CC - LO 11Allison Bibicoff Lecoq Training for Actors: Playing With Movement CC - Ballroom CDavid Gaines Stage Combat Panel CC - LO 27Andrew Ray Dancing Musical Theatre: Beyond Steps and Talent CC - Ballroom BAnnalee Tull The Thousand O's of Shakespeare CC - LO 03Ian Andersen Directing and Acting In-the-Round: An Exploration of Style and Its Rewards CC - LO 09/05Robert Parker Playwriting Interest Meeting CC - LO 08Laura King • Darren Michael The Art of Networking: Connecting With Professionals in Your Field CC - LO 20Esthere Strom • Steve Shelley • Victoria Fisher Women+ in Theatre Interest Meeting CC - LO 04Rowen Haigh Making the Leap to Professional Theatre: When, How and Where to Start CC - LO 07Daniel Gordon • Erick Buckley Theatre for Youth Festival Performance: "Once on this Island" CC - Ballroom D-ENorcostco Advanced Airbrushing: Working in Real Time Part 1 CC - LO 26Brad Darvas • Meghan Bernstein Design Portfolio Review CC - Exhibit HallMatthew Leckenbusch • Emily Strickland • Krista Franco • Shannon Robert Conscientious Theatre Training: Anti-Racist Theatre (Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Special Series) CC - LO 28Nicole Brewer

1:00pm EST

Secondary School Theatre Festival - "Ernest and the Pale Moon" Bomhard Theatre (Kentucky Center of the Arts) Building a Program From the Basement Up CC - LO 16David Nisbet • Morgan Brooks Design South: Technical Direction CC - LO 12Thomas Fagerholm • Justin Hagovsky • Charles Nasby • Carl Anderson • Elliott Hays-Wehle • Darryl Willard Light It Up: LEDs and Lighting in Costumes CC - LO 10/14Allison Amidei Seeing Old Things New: Re-Envisioning the Classics With Bold Design CC - LO 19/15Preston Lane • Katie O'Kelly • Anya Klepikov The Audacity of It! Using Audacity to Create Environmental Soundscapes CC - LO 13Dale Pickard Directing Staged Readings as New Play Development CC - LO 27Neil David Seibel Not Just Song and Dance: The Relevancy of American Musicals CC - LO 11Stephanie Lindley • Noah Gray Introduction to Intimacy for Educators CC - LO 09/05Daniel Granke • Jessica Morgan Dancer Vibes Only: Audition Workshop Just for DANCERS! CC - LO 06Stacy Gaudioso Norwegian Creative Studios Casting - Who We Are and How You Can Join Us CC - M 112Erika Holmes • Kai Carrier Wanna Arm Wrestle? Alexander Technique for Scene Partners CC - Ballroom ATommy Schoffler Big Choices: Clowning in Callbacks CC - Ballroom CMatthew Crider Demystifying Archetypal and Psychological Gesture CC - M 111Jeanine Henry • Kristen Cerelli Sing Your Act Off CC - LO 04Denise Johnson New York to L.A.: The Business of Acting on the Coasts CC - LO 07Johnny Yoder • Christa Jones • Kern McFadden Life After College: From Undergrad to the Profession With URTA CC - LO 08Brackley Frayer • Kristy Leigh Hall • Jenny Wales • Jim Wren Parent and Working Artist: Solutions for Inclusion CC - LO 02Furman University • Rowen Haigh • Molly Claassen • Johannah Maynard Edwards • Brittany Bodley Community Theatre Festival - "Just Outside the Door" YPAS at duPont Manual High SchoolDramatists Play Service

2:00pm EST

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2:35pm EST

4:00pm EST

Publications Committee Meeting CC - LO 23J.K. Curry • Deanna Thompson Theatre for Youth Festival Critique CC - LO 07Riley Braem • Laura Byland Sensory-Friendly Theatre: Crafting an Inclusive Experience for All Ages CC - LO 16Johannah Maynard Edwards International Collaboration: Bringing Chilean Visual Theatre to the U.S. CC - LO 02Rachel Briley 3D Build Plans for Scenic Shops Using Vectorworks CC - LO 10/14Camden Simon Bring Color to Fabric With Nature: An Exploration of Eco Printing CC - LO 06Elizabeth Davis Lighting for Dance CC - LO 11David Fillmore Promoting Your School Theatre Program Using Social Media CC - LO 13Maria Karres-Williams A Casting Conversation/RoundTable Discussion with the Professional Division CC - M 112Mark Catlett • Katie Proctor • Erika Holmes • Ginger Poole Acting for the Camera: Quick Skills to Improve Now! CC - LO 01Peter Stone Audiobooks: Play ALL the Parts! CC - LO 03James Cronin • Julie McKay Connections and Intersections of Laban and Michael Chekhov CC - LO 19/15Tiza Garland Contemporary Stage Combat Techniques CC - Ballroom CRobert Aronowitz Climbing Uphill: Work Hard to Make Your Musical Theatre Audition Look Easy CC - LO 04Jennifer Arbogast Wilson • Maggie Williams Elements of Character: Earth, Air, Fire and Water CC - LO 09/05Neil David Seibel "Yes, And" for Directors: Improv as a Tool for Text Analysis and Rehearsal CC - M 108Jennifer Goff Shakespeare Monologue Jam Session: Bring 10 Lines CC - Ballroom ADoreen Bechtol Woke or the Great Awakening? Problem Plays in a Time of Great Sensitivity CC - LO 17/18Darren Michael • Steven Burch Ten-Minute Play Festival: Tech Rehearsals CC - Ballroom D-EHollins Playwright's Lab

4:10pm EST

5:00pm EST

5:30pm EST

Secondary School Theatre Festival - "Scenes from Metamorphoses" Bomhard Theatre (Kentucky Center of the Arts) Embracing Inclusion: A Small Program Thinks BIG CC - LO 13Amy Guerin Beyond Grassroots: Scaling Up Your Arts Organization CC - LO 16Rowen Haigh • Johannah Maynard Edwards Engaging Students in Community Service Through Basic Costume Construction CC - LO 10/14Chalise Ludlow Design South: Scenic CC - LO 12Jonathon Taylor Special Effects Makeup for the Stage CC - LO 26Gene Flaharty AdaptDeviZe: How to Make a Big Project a Manageable Script and Production CC - M 108Devair Jeffries • Nicole Dietze • Rodney McKeithan Directing Through the Chorus CC - LO 09/05Laura Matthews Never Schedule a Rehearsal on Mother's Day: Directing Children's Theatre CC - LO 27Rosina Whitfield KCACTF Respondent Training: Speaking to Young Artists (Part 1) CC - LO 07Joel Williams Teaching Stage Management: A Roundtable Discussion Part 2 CC - LO 21/22Stacy Blackburn Reaching Back: A Collaboration to Breathe New Life Into Past Voices CC - LO 11Constance Smith • Rachel West • Jeremy Floyd • Mike Kasper • Patricia Skarbinski Acting and Singing With Archetypes: Singer-Actor Training CC - Ballroom CBill Adams Muppets & Marvel & Mice, Oh My! Casting Q&A With Feld Entertainment CC - LO 04Ryan Cowles Musical Improvisation CC - Ballroom ARex Knowles • Sherry Landrum Actor’s Identity: How to Be Genuine in a World Full of Fakes CC - LO 01Amy Dunlap Consent in Performance CC - LO 19/15Daniel Granke • Jessica Morgan Improv and Acting From Stage to Screen CC - LO 02Angela Scates The Stella Adler Studio of Acting Workshop CC - LO 03Johnny Yoder • Christa Jones • Kern McFadden Green Theatre Around the World CC - L 06Molly Braverman • Charlie Deull SETC Screening Auditions Coordinator Meeting CC - LO 23Marci Duncan

6:00pm EST

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