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Family Room
SETC’s Women+ in Theatre Committee and the Parent Artist Advocacy League are collaborating once again to bring attendees with children a quiet, tucked-away room designated for relaxation and re-connection during the convention. In addition, a Parent & Caregiver Resource Packet has been created to help you prepare for your visit to Louisville, Ky.  Wed./Thur./Fri. | 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM    Sat. | 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
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Friday, February 28

12:00am EST

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Design Competition: Undergrad Response (Sound) CC - LO 12Gregg Barnes • Anna Louizos • Howell Binkley • Matt Hubbs Opportunities to Engage: Leadership and SETC CC - LO 28Tiza Garland Appropriate Appropriation? The Use of Cultural Appropriation in Costuming CC - LO 11Ivan Ingermann CNC Router Techniques and Tools: I Bought a CNC Router; Now What? CC - LO 27John Mullican • Avery Hunt Vectorworks for Master Electricians CC - LO 10/14Leo Lei Lighting Design Paperwork Tips and Tricks CC - LO 16Aaron Mooney Director/Designer Collaboration CC - LO 07Tim Davis • Richard St. Peter • Tony Hardin • Steven Koehler Clown Combat: Investigating the Techniques of Slapstick CC - Ballroom CBrandon Sterrett • Zechariah Pierce Teaching Theatre Appreciation Online CC - LO 23E. Bert Wallace Women in Higher Ed: Discovering and Perfecting Your Ideal "Role" CC - LO 02Valerie Accetta • Christianne Roll • Nancy Wolfgang Curiouser and Curiouser: Devising Alice! CC - M 108R Cliff Thompson • Brandyn Graves Advanced Musical Theatre Dance CC - Ballroom AStacy Alley Presence and the Art of Voice-Over: Part 1 CC - LO 20Lesley Mendenhall • Andrew Hopson Regional to National: Building a Career From the Mid-Markets to the Majors CC - LO 03James Cronin • Julie McKay • Patrick Cronin Song Stories: A Different Kind of Musical Theatre Acting Workshop CC - LO 04John Bell Book That Commercial! CC - LO 01Reis McCormick Partner Characterization: A Text-Free Approach to Creating Character CC - Ballroom BBob Shryock Stage Fright! Tips to Calm Down and Show Your Talent CC - M 111Linda Brennan Pumice Clay Character Mask-Making for Commedia Work CC - LO 06Jon Liebetrau • Lisa Streett-Liebetrau • Dwight Camillucci Walking a Tabletop Puppet CC - LO 17/18Robin Vest • Tom Burch Creating Engaging Stage Management Portfolios and Presentations CC - LO 13Ken White Equipping Theatre Artists as Faith-Filled Servants: Brainstorm (Part 1) CC - LO 19/15Tenika Dye Burgess Keynote Emerging Artists of Promise Meeting II LO 21/22Donald Fann College/University Unconference & Networking Part 1 CC - LO 08Kevin Kern • Robert Homer-Drummond Graduate Auditions CC - M 104Cadie Burks • Anthony McMurray • Actor's Connection Musical Theatre Coaching Sessions CC - LO 30 Exhibit Hall Open: Commercial Exhibits & Education Expo CC - Exhibit HallVictoria Fisher FREE Headshot Booth - #519 CC - Exhibit HallAltman Lighting SCAN Trivia @ Exhibit Hall CC - Exhibit HallProduction Advantage Theatre Job Fair CC - Exhibit HallConstance Smith • April J'C Marshall

9:30am EST

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10:15am EST

10:30am EST

Design Competition: Undergrad Response (Costume) CC - Exhibit HallGregg Barnes • Anna Louizos • Howell Binkley • Matt Hubbs Design Competition: Undergrad Response (Technical Direction) CC - Exhibit HallGregg Barnes • Anna Louizos • Howell Binkley • Matt Hubbs Actors Theatre of Louisville Tour Actors Theatre of LouisvilleActors Theatre of Louisville State President, Representative and Executive Director Roundtable CC - LO 24Jeff Gibson • Susie Prueter Click.Click.Done. Must-Have Google Analytics Settings and Reports CC - LO 16Ceci Dadisman • Drew McManus Costume Character Creation Simplified CC - LO 04Michele Dormaier • Rebecca Huguet Working With LED Tape: A Technical Director's Approach CC - LO 11John Forsman So You Want to Tour? Learn About Life on the Road and How to Start CC - L 03Walker White • Shelby Stark • Al Ridella Give Your Production More Punch: How Directors Shape the Dramatic Action CC - Ballroom CJohn Gulley A Project-Based Approach to Introductory Theatre Classes CC - LO 17/18Jeffrey Kean • Mark Creter Associated Colleges of the South Member Meeting CC - LO 23Florida State University • Matthew Hallock Small Theatre Program Committee Meeting CC - LO 21/22Kim Miller Highlights From Theatre Symposium 28: Theatre and Citizenship CC - LO 10/14Andrew Gibb • Chase Bringardner • Sarah McCarroll • Alexa Nunn A Shakespeare Monologue Is Outrageous! Speaking the Speech for Beginners CC - LO 01Herb Parker An Insider's Guide to Booking Film and TV CC - LO 02Gabrielle Berberich • Brett Goldstein • Greg Chwerchak Presence and the Art of Voice-Over: Part 2 CC - LO 20Lesley Mendenhall • Andrew Hopson If You Push Me, I Will Slap You Silly: Unarmed Stage Combat CC - Ballroom ADavid Woolley Take 1: The Art of the Self-Tape CC - LO 07Addy Green Tattoos? No Problem! Methods for Covering and Applying Tattoos for Theatre CC - LO 27Christina Johnson • Cathleen O'Neal 8 Hacks to Being a Better Improviser CC - LO 09/05George Younts 14 Tips for Submitting Your Plays CC - LO 06Nancy Gall-Clayton The Stage Management Team: Roles of the SM/ASM CC - LO 13Julie A. Richardson Equipping Theatre Artists as Faith-Filled Servants: Action Plan (Part 2) CC - LO 19/15Tenika Dye Burgess The Girl Project Starter Pack CC - LO 28Jeni Benavides • Vanessa Becker Weig • Margaret McGladrey • Ellie Clark Dance Prep: Preparation, Presentation & Career Planning CC - M 111Stephanie Swant

11:00am EST

11:30am EST

11:45am EST

12:00pm EST

Graduate Design/Tech Interviewee Check-In, Setup & Briefing CC - M 104Cadie Burks • Anthony McMurray Secondary School Theatre Festival - "Badger" Bomhard Theatre (Kentucky Center of the Arts) I'm From the Government, and I'm Here to Help — Seriously! CC - LO 07Miah Michaelsen Acting for Healthcare Sciences CC - LO 10/14Erik DeCicco Higher Education and Professional Theatre Collaboration at Its Best! CC - LO 27Jaclyn Faircloth • Anthony Rodriguez Design South: Costumes CC - LO 12Tory Depew Embrace the Plastic: Painting 3D-Printed Set Models CC - LO 17/18David Carter Creative Sound Creation: Building Sound Design From Found Objects CC - LO 09/05CC Conn Directing the Transition: Owning Your Authorial Content CC - LO 08Lauren Shouse Toward an Intersectional Feminist Directing Practice Part II CC - LO 19/15Rowen Haigh • Molly Claassen • Johannah Maynard Edwards • Rachel Blackburn The Body Never Lies: Blocking Strategies for Beginning Directors CC - M 108Stuart Brown Geek Theatre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Dystopias and Superheroes in Drama CC - LO 11Will Lowry • Kevin Frazier • Melpomene Katakalos Movement and Physical Theatre Interest Group CC - LO 03Andrew Ray Musical Theatre Interest Meeting CC - LO 04Nancy Wolfgang • Susie Pike Connecting to Character With Dialects! CC - Ballroom ALinda Brennan It Takes More Than Hustle: Finding Success in the Southeast TV/Film Business CC - LO 02Elisa Carlson • Susan Reid • Mary Emily Deal • Angelica Lawrence Motion Elicits Emotion: Rethinking Physical and Emotional Relationship CC - Ballroom CEmma Denson • James Matheny Instant Playwriting: Trusting Yourself to Enter the Moment CC - LO 06Ivan Fuller Immersive Theatre Tech and Performance for Stage Managers and Directors CC - LO 13Julie A. Richardson • Molly Donahue • Jerre Brisky Closing Green CC - M 112Molly Braverman • Charlie Deull Cultural Diversity Interest Group CC - LO 01Kyla Kazuschyk It's All in the Timing CC - LO 16Karli Henderson Theatre Symposium Interest Meeting CC - LO 24E. Bert Wallace Graduate Design/Tech Interviewee - Display Viewing CC - M 104Cadie Burks • Anthony McMurray Graduate Design/Tech Interviewee - Student Presentations & Interviews CC - M 104Cadie Burks • Anthony McMurray • Actor's Connection Advanced Airbrushing: Working in Real Time Part 2 CC - LO 26Brad Darvas • Meghan Bernstein Conscientious Theatre Training: Anti-Racist Theatre (Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Special Series) CC - LO 28Nicole Brewer

12:15pm EST

12:30pm EST

1:00pm EST

Secondary School Theatre Festival - "Ernest and the Pale Moon" Bomhard Theatre (Kentucky Center of the Arts) Connecting With Community Through Programming and Partnerships CC - LO 16Christian Elser • Jenna Elser Scaling Your Theatrical Product CC - LO 08Johannah Maynard Edwards • Matthew Bivins • Lauren Van Hemert Design South: Sound CC - LO 12Nicholas Drashner Lighting Load-In Prep for Beginning Master Electricians CC - LO 10/14Terri Becker Mother Nature’s Rainbow: Natural Dyeing for Theatrical Costumes CC - LO 17/18Melanie Harris • Marie Quintero Rendering Costumes Straight Into SketchBook CC - LO 11Edith Carnley Mindfulness and Self-Care During the Tech Process for Human Sustainability CC - LO 19/15Ariadne Calvano Steal Like a Director: La MaMa Umbria International Symposium for Directors CC - LO 27Tosha Fowler • Sarah Provencal Small Theatre Support Group CC - LO 21/22Kim Miller Directing Pedagogy: Methods for Teaching Directors CC - LO 23Molly Claassen Fire the Canon! Diversifying the Academic Theatre Repertoire CC - LO 07Amy Guerin • Jennifer Luck • Ellen Peck • Chalethia Williams • Gaye Jeffers • Joy Diaz Accent Reduction for Native Southern Speakers CC - LO 03Matthew Ferrell Commitment in Non-Realistic Performance: Visceral Imagery CC - LO 09/05Pamela Sears Meisner Acting: Living in the Moment CC - LO 01Gary Kingston Moving Inside the Box CC - M 111Jason Tate Fabulous Fosse CC - Ballroom AKristin Dowdy Gestures: Let the Text and Accompaniment Be Your Guide CC - LO 04Luvada Harrison Juggling 101: Juglito Ergo Sum CC - M 108Michael Williams Rubber Chicken Improv Festival for Fun and Profit CC - Ballroom CTonya Hays Writing the Good Read: Aspiring Screenwriters' Questions Answered CC - LO 06Charles Pogue “Wait, I Have Something for That!" The Stage Manager Kit CC - LO 13Julie A. Richardson Making Memories Beyond Generations: Cross-School Research and Performance CC - LO 02Connie Hecker • Emma Jane Maurer Nationalism and Its Dangers CC - M 112Steven Burch • Charles Harmon • Gale Temple Quo Vadis: The Christian Theatre Artist in the 21st Century CC - LO 20Dr. Scott Hayes • Amy Dunlap • Regent University • Andy Geffken • Joseph Frost Playwright's Corner CC - LO 24Laura King • Darren Michael Design Competition: Undergrad Response (Properties, Costume Crafts, Costume Tech) CC - Exhibit HallGregg Barnes • Anna Louizos • Howell Binkley • Matt Hubbs Community Theatre Festival - "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" YPAS at duPont Manual High SchoolDramatists Play Service Graduate Audition Callback Postings & Interviews CC - M115Cadie Burks • Anthony McMurray

2:00pm EST

2:15pm EST

2:30pm EST

2:35pm EST

3:30pm EST

4:00pm EST

Audio Description: Welcome Audience Members Who Are Blind CC - LO 16Joel Snyder 3D Scanning and Printing for Wearable Items CC - LO 17/18Robert Berls Design South: Lighting CC - LO 12Maranda DeBusk • Will Lowry • Kevin Frazier • Miriah Borden Summer Stock Design/Tech: Do! Don't! and Why? CC - LO 27Darren Levin • Amber Marisa Cook • Christopher Haug Theatrical Intimacy Education for Costume Designers and Technicians CC - LO 29J. Theresa Bush (she/they) Expanding Michael Chekhov: Exploring Intersections With Other Techniques CC - M 108Christie Maturo • Paul Hurley Conversation With a Disney Casting Director: Audition Tips CC - M 112Mark Catlett Developing Characters for the Sketch Comedy Audition CC - LO 19/15Canedy Knowles Improv for the Ensemble: Exploring Group Mind Through Sound and Movement CC - Ballroom CTavish Forsyth Voice and Speech Interest Meeting CC - L 03Ryan Long • Rebecca Covey Actor’s Perfect Package: Bulletproof Auditions for Success Today CC - LO 02J. Winters Inspired Acting: Playing With the Fantastic CC - M 111Lionel Walsh • Meaghen Quinn Writing for Children and Winning Their Adults CC - LO 06Alaska Vance Differences in Stage Management Across the Pond CC - LO 11Karen Baker • Ian Evans Applied Theatre Interest Group CC - LO 01Tenika Dye Burgess Practical Mentorship for Women+ in Theatre CC - LO 13Rowen Haigh • Molly Claassen • Johannah Maynard Edwards • Brittany Bodley Storytelling Through Bharatanatyam: South Indian Classical Dance CC - Ballroom AAkila Iyer • Shyama Iyer Theatre for Youth Division Meeting CC - LO 07Riley Braem • Laura Byland Zero to Brand in 60 Seconds: How to Build Your Brand CC - LO 20Talon Beeson Publications Committee/Southern Theatre Editorial Board Meeting CC - LO 24J.K. Curry • Deanna Thompson College/University Unconference & Networking Part 2 CC - LO 09/05Kevin Kern • Robert Homer-Drummond

4:30pm EST

5:30pm EST

Secondary School Theatre Festival - "The Old Man and the Moon" Bomhard Theatre (Kentucky Center of the Arts) Finding Funds: Working Together to Locate Friends and Cultivate Support CC - LO 03David Balthrop • Lucy Love Designing for Devised Theatre CC - LO 16Casey Watkins Outside the Box Thinking in Theatre Production CC - LO 11Franklin deCelle • David Glenn Ready Stagehand One: How to Start Building a Scenery Robot CC - LO 12Thomas Fagerholm Blood and Tattoo Effects for Stage: Create That Bad Boy Look for Your Show CC - LO 07Gary Weatherly Introduction to Dance Lighting CC - LO 13Aaron Mooney The Foundation of Fantastical Faces CC - LO 17/18Sarah Berland Getting Your Costumes in a Row: Wardrobe Paperwork to Ensure Smooth Sailing CC - LO 27Meaghan Carlo Shining Your Stars: Troubleshooting Actor Problems as a Director CC - LO 08Ryan Long • Michael Wainstein Building a Strong Ensemble: Quickly Creating a Safe Space to Experiment CC - M 108Jemma Levy Gandersheim: A New Play About Women+ in Theatre CC - LO 02Dr. Scott Hayes • Amy Dunlap Theatre Goes to Mars: How Theatre and Systems Engineering Collaborate CC - LO 10/14Amy Guerin Masculinity in Musical Theatre: Crafting Characters Performing Masculinity CC - Ballroom AStephen Tabor Actor's Crash Course: Filmmaking CC - LO 01Greg Chwerchak Storytelling in Motion: Creating Ensemble Through Movement CC - Ballroom CKelley Schoger Practice Better to Perform Better: Training the Musical Theatre Singer CC - LO 04Charlie Gilbert • D'Arcy Webb In Someone Else's Skin: Practicing Empathy to Create Stageable Writing CC - LO 19/15Tori Averett Creative Solutions for Stage Managers CC - LO 20Julie A. Richardson • Stacy Blackburn • Jeffery Cochran • Karen Baker • George Hamrah • Cherrie Sciro National Meeting Alpha Psi Omega/Delta Psi Omega CC - M 112

6:00pm EST

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